Samoan Dictionary


A, prep of, belonging to. e.g. the pencil belongs to Mele. O le penitala a Mele.

A, pro. what? What's that? O le a le mea lena?

A, conj. if. e.g. If Father agrees I will come. A malie Tam_ ou te sau.

A, verbal particle denoting future tense. e.g. I will come tomorrow. Ou te sau a taeao.

A'A, n. root, a'a o le laau, root of the tree. v.t. to kick; pl. fea'a e.g. Kick the ball. A'a le polo

A'AI, n. city; a big town. I live in te town of Apia. Ou te nofo i le `A'ai o Apia.

A'AO, n. respect word for `hand, arm, leg,foot. How is your arm? O a mai lou aao?

A'AU, n. the reef v.1. `a'au to swim, pl. feausi, syn. taele

A'AFIA, v.t. to be affected, to be involved. The boys are affected by the decision. E `a'afia tama i le faaiuga.

A'ALA, adj. the smarting feeling in the throat. Ua a'ala lou fa`a'_.

A'ALU or `ALU dregs n. sediment as in beer or coconut oil

`A'AFU, to cover with a sheet e.g. They cover themselves with sheets. E `a'afu i latou i ie `afu.

`A'AMI, v.t. to fetch, to go to an object and bring it back. Fetch the doctor. `A'ami le foma'i.

`A'AMU, v.t. to mock, to ridicule; pass. amusia syn.tauemu.

`A'ANO, n. 1. flesh 2. the meaning or substance of a discussion; '_noa adj. to have plenty of flesh or meat.

`A'APA, v.t. to reach out in order to get hold of something.

`A'ASA, adj. very hot, glowing hot, e.g. Ua `a'asa le umu. The oven is glowing hot.

`A'AVA, adj. pungent sour

`A'AVE, adj. to be well talked about, adj. Ua aave le au, The current is strong

A'e, v.i, to return to school from a holiday. Ua ae le aoga ina ua uma le tu'uaga.

`A'e, v.t. to climb pl. fe'a`ei, pass. aea

A'EGA, n. a rise in the road or ground O le aega i le auala. (or _`EGA)

AE LE'I, conj. before, not yet, while, syn. a'o le'i. Ou te fia al`ae lei amata le aoga. I want to go before school starts.

AE TASI LE MEA, phrase, but there is one thing.

Ae peitai, conj. but, yet, AE MAISE, conj.

1. also 2. especially

AI, inter.pronoun. who? O ai? Whose? O ai e ona le fale? What? O ai lou igoa? What is your name?

AI, adv. probably. also ai lava. Ai ua alu. He has probably gone

AI, to eat pl. aai. pass. aina

AI, n. a row of trees. O le _i laau.

AI, n. seam. Ua matala le _i o le lima o le ofu. The seam of the sleeve has come undone.

`AI, the stitches. The stitches of the sewing machine are loose. Ua matagataga le `ai a le laau suisui.

AIA, v.i. to have authority over. n. right or authority

A'IA'I, adv. very truly, really. O se mea lelei a'ia'i.

A really good thing. Na manumalo a'ia'i.

`AI'OI, v.i. to beg, to implore, to entreat, syn. ole

`AIULI, v.i. to dance in support of the main dancer.

AIFOI, v. to cast its shell or skin

`AIGA, n family v.i. to be related to e.g. Lua te aiga? Are you related?

`AIGA, n. a meal

`AILAO, v. 1. the act of fencing, 2. to give thanks for gift of food and fine mats presented

`AIMEO, adj. to be angry on account of food

AINA, adj. to be edible

`AINA, v.t. to be inhabited. E sefulu motu of Samoa E aina. Ten of the Samoan islands are inhabited.

`AILOGA, v. It is doubtful that he will return. Ailoga e toe foi mai

`AISA, n. ice

AI SE, conj. whosoever, if anyone should anyone, (perhaps from a i ai se) ai se fia sau, if anyone wants to come

AI SE A, adv. why? Ai se a e te le i alu ai? Why havent you gone? syn. Se a le mea: O le a le mea

`AISI, v.t. to beg for food (also `__si for plural)

`AITALAFU, v.t. to owe, to get on credit, to be indebted. see NONO, FAANOI

`AITALAFU, n. debt. lana aitalafu

`AITAGI, n.u. funeral feast

AITU, n. ghost, lona aitu, the ghost haunts him

`AITU, v.i. eating while standing

`AIVAO, adj. wild

`AIVAO, v. to run wild of animals

AO, n. 1. a cloud. ao o le lagi, 2. daytime, as opposed to night time. 3. a respectful word for head. `o le ao o le alii.

AO, v.i. 1. to be day, to be dawn, 2. to be right, proper, fitting, necessary. E ao ina sau o ia. It is necessary for him to come. 3. to collect, to gather together. pass. aofia.

A'O, conj. while, during. (composed of `a, while and `o; verbal particle `o loo). see `A. adj.

AO', adj. straight and tall i.e. E ao' le fau

`AO'AO, n. - armpit

A'OA'I, v.i. to reprove, to correct, to rebuke. aoa'i lau fanau.

AOAO, adj. supreme. `o le pule aoao, the supreme authority. see SILI.

`AUINA, v.t. to send. pl. `a'auina

`AUIVI, n. a skeleton. lona auivi

`AUIVI, adj. to be very skinny. `Ua auivi le tama. syn. TINOVALE.

`AU'UPEGA, n. weapon. lana `au'upega.

`AUFA'I, n. a bunch of bananas

`AUGA, prefix meaning a succession. augatupulaga a succession or line of generations. augatama augatupu.

`AUGA, v.i. grouped together. E toatolu tagata mavaevae, ae auga i le finagalo e tasi. Three distinct persons grouped together in one purpose.

AUGA, n. symptoms of a sickness

AUGANI, v.i. to implore humbly and fervently. syn. O le olega

`AUGATA, adj. disobedient, difficult to send as on an errand. (`au, to send, gata, suffix or difficulty.

AUGAVALE, adj. perishable, not durable as of men, houses, clothing, etc.

`AUGOFIE, adj. easily sent. obedient. (`au to send; gofie, easily).

`AULELEI, adj. 1. Good looking, handsome (applied to men or women). 2. good looking bananas.

`AULI, v.t. to iron clothes.

`AULI, n. a clothes iron, lana `auli.

AULIA, v.t. to reach to arrive at in reelation to time. `Ua tatou aulia lenei itula. (You can't say, `Ua aulia le va'a i Apia) see o'o see TAUNUU.

`AUMAI, v.t. to bring. pass. aumaia.

AUMAU, v.t. to live in a country or village other Than your own.

`AUMAGA, n. the group of taulele'a in a village. la'u aumaga, the `aumaga of which I am a member. lana aumaga, the aumaga under his authority. see AUALUMA. (or sons of the matai of the village)

AUNOA MA, prep. without, e aunoa ma se poto, without knowledge. see E LE AUNOA.

`AUPA, n. a wall or line of wall. o le `aup_ o le nuu the wall of the village. syn. PA.

`AU PA'IA, n. the saints, members of the Church of Jesus Christ. `au paia. O le au paia a le Atua.

AUPITO, adv. most exceedingly. makes adjectives of quality superlative. `o le mea aupito leaga, the worst thing.

`AURO, n. gold. lana `auro.

AUSA, n. steam vapor, lona ausa

AUSAGE, v.i. to be left few in number, syn. GAOGAO.

AUSIA, v.t. able to reach a mark. Ua ausia togi.

`AUTA, drumsticks

`AUTAFA, n. the sloping side of a hill lona autafa

AUTAGO, to grope in the dark

`AUTAUNONOFO, n. 1. polygamy. 2. the wives of a polygamist, lana autaunonofo. see TAUNONOFO

`AUTE, n. name of a flower

`AUTU, n. ditch

`AUTU, n. theme, subject, reason, topic autu_ o le lesona

`AUVAA, n. a boat's crew, a ship's crew. o lo matou auvaa. the crew of which we are members or which carries us in their boat. lana auvaa. the crew which he leads or has authority over.

`AUVAE, n. the chin.

`AUVAE MAUGA, n. foot of the mountain

`AUVAI, n. bank of the river. auvai o le vaitafe.

`AFA, n. 1. Samoan cord braided from coconut husk fibre, (sinnet) lana afa. 2. half. o le afa o le fa, half past four.

AFA, n. hurricane, storm. O le afa o lenei tausaga, this year's storm.

`AFAI, adv. 1. if. Afai e te alu, ia alu loa. If you're going, go immediately. 2. When, afai ete sau, aumai se fai. When you come bring a banana. see `AFAINA, v.t. to be hurt, to be endangered, to matter, see E LE AFAINA.

AFAFINE, n. daughter of a man. lona afafine.see TAMA

`AFAKASI, n. halfcaste.

`AFAKASI, adj. halfcaste. o le tama afakasi, the halfcaste boy

`AFATO, grub

AFE, n. one thousand

AFE, v.i. to turn in and call at a house, to stop in at someone's house

AFE, n. hem. The hem of my dress has come undone. Ua matala le afe o lo'u ofu.

AFEA, adv. when (pertaining only to future) `O afea e te sau ai? When are you coming? see ANAFEA.

AFEA, v. Na e afea lona fale? Did you call at his fale?

AFI, n. 1. a fire. 2. any type of engine or motor. O lana afi, his fire; o le afi o le taavale, the engine of the car

AFI, a wrap of fish (cooked).

AFIFI, n. parcel, package, something wrapped up, lana afifi.

AFIAFI, n. late afternoon and evening, beginning about 5p.m. and continuing through until dark. The period right after dark is called afiafi po and lasts until it has been dark an hour or two. Afiafi po is followed by po, and afiafi is preceeded by aoauli. lo tatou afiafi. see PO; AOAULI. 2. evening prayer. Sei fai sa tatou aiafi.

AFIO, v.t. respect word used in reference to an alii. The chief has come. 2. to go. "Ua afio atu le alii. The chief has gone. 3. to dwell. E afio le Atua i le lagi. God dwells in heaven.

AFIOAGA, n. (respect word applied to alii) home, seat, dwelling place lona afioaga.

AFIOGA, n. respect title, applied to an alii. 1. "lau afioga" 2. words, speech, especially applied to Deity, o le afioga a le Atua, the word of God.

AFISI, v.t. to carry under the arm. pass afisi.

AFITUSI, n. a box of matches, lana afitusi.

AFU, v.i. to perspire, to sweat

AFU, n. perspiration, o lona afu.

AFU, n. a waterfall, o le afu o le nuu.

`AFU, n. 1. punishment, 2. payment for builder. (`afu o le tufuga)

AFUA, v.i. to begin. amata

AGA, n. conduct, behaviou, manner of acting, lana aga, syn. AMIO, UIGA.

AGA, direction , o fea o aga i ai le vaa?

AGA, handspan measuring fine mats. E 10 aga le ie toga. The fine mat is 10 handspans.

AGA'I, v.i. to head towards.

AGAI, to support?

AGAGA, n. 1. a disembodied spirit. 2. a person's attitude or spirit towards something or someone. lona agaga. see AITU,UIGA.

AGAGA PAIA, n. the Holy Ghost, the Holy Spirit.

AGALEAGA, v.i. unkind or n. bad conduct. lona agaleaga.

AGALEAGA, adj. cruel, unkind.

AGALEAGA, v.i. to treat unkindly.

AGALELEI, n. good or kind conduct, kindness. lona agalelei.

AGALELEI, adj. kind.

AGALELEI, v.i. to act kindly, to treat with kindness.

AGAMAL_, adj. mild in conduct gentle, meek.

AGANUU, n. custom, conduct according to the customs of one's own country. Ia matou aganuu. expression, o le aganuu faaSamoa. see AMIO, FAASAMOA.

AGASALA, n. sin. lana agasala.

AGASALA, v.i. to sin, to commit sin.

AGATONU, v.t. to correct, to control and make orderly. Used in the expression "E agatonuManua o le fesili," which may be used before asking someone's name,in order to show respect. 2. n. kava already mixed. 3. to equal esp. in status. E agatonu lou afio mai pe a susu mai le alii Pule.

AGAVA'A, n. capability, qualifications. `o le agavaa o le tama.

AGAVA'A, adj. capable, qualified.

AGAVALE, n. the left hand, the left hand side. syn. Itu i ama.

AGAVALE, adj. left-handed. syn. TAUAGAVALE

`AGELI, angle

`AGELU, n. an angel. o agelu a le Atua.

AGI, v.i. 1. to blow, of the wind pass. agiagia to. 2. to partially peel a coconut husk. (Agi le popo).

AGIAGI, v.i. to blow gently. pass. agiagia. "Ua agiagia le fu'a i le savili. The flag is blown by the breeze. to speak angrily (metaphor).

ALA, n. 1. pathway, roadway, passage. 2. reason,method, o le ala lena ua ou sau ai. That is the reason I have come.

ALA, v.i. to give rise to, always followed by ai. O lo la ita ua ala ai ona misa i laua. Their anger gave rise to their quarrel.

ALA, accurate. Ua ala lava lana fana.

ALA, v.i. to awake. pl. ala intensitive, alafa'i

`ALA, a big stone

ALAISA, n. rice. lana alaisa.

AL_FAU, n. cheek, lona alafau.

`ALAGA, v.i. to shout, to yell, to call out. pl. `alalaga; pass. `alagaina. see VALAAU, FONO

ALAGA, leg of pork

ALALA, v.i. (respect word) to sit, to dwell to reside. syn. NOFO.

ALALA, n. firewood.

ALALAFAGA. n. A visit with food to have a meal and friendly talk with, a matai who has just returned from a trip; newly weds; patient discharged.

ALALAFAGA, n. (respect word) 1. dwelling place.2. chair. lona alalafaga.

`ALI, n. bamboo pillow lona `ali.

ALIA, n. 1. a watercourse. 2.a dry riverbed. `ALIA. O le alia o le nuu. 3. boat (double canoe)

ALIALI, v.i. 1. to appear, but only in sense of coming partially into view. Sa aliali mai lona ulu ina ua tilotilo mai o ia. His head appeared when he peeked. Not used as in the appearance of a heavenly being to a prophet. 2. to show signs or symptoms of, as - `Ua aliali mai lona le malie Signs of his displeasure have appeared.

ALII, n. 1. the Lord. 2. a high chief. O alii ma tul_fale o le nuu, high chiefs and talking Chiefs of the village. 3. gentlemen. see


`ALIO, n. silver

`ALIO, adj. silvery, made of silver. o le peni `ario (silver). The silver pen.

`ALISI, n. a cricket (an insect).

ALO, v.t. to row or paddle about. pass. alofia. 2. to face directly. Alo mai ata talanoa.

ALO,n. a respect word for son or daughter.lona alo. 2. polite term for stomach.

`ALO, v.i. 1. to duck or dodge a blow or something thrown. 2. to avoid someone or something. see `ALOESE.

ALOALO, v.i. to fan, to fan continuously. 2. n. lagoon.

`ALO'ESE, v.i. to avoid, to keep away from, to abstain from. (`alo'alo'ese)

ALOIAFI, n. sparks from the fire.

ALOFA, v.i. to love,to show kindness, to be generous, to be compassionate.

ALOFA, n. love, compassion, mercy, generosity, kindnes. lona alofa.

ALOFA FAAPITO, n. the playing favorites, giving consideration to one person or some persons to the exclusion of others. lona alofa faapito.

ALOFA FAAPITO, v.i. to show partiality because of affections or compassions. see FAA'AU'AU

ALOFA MUTIMUTIVALE, n. a yearning love. Lona alofa mutimutivale.

ALOFA TUNOA, n. mercy, grace,unrepayable kindness or love. lona alofa tunoa see TUNOA.

ALOFILIMA, n. the palm of the hand.

ALOFIVAE, n. the sole of the foot.

`ALOPE, n. a fox.

ALU, v.i. to go. pl. o. syn. SUS_.

`ALU, n. dregs at bottom of a bottle of beer, oil, etc.

`ALU'ALUA, not pure, has other unhidden motive

ALUALU I LUMA, n. progress. lona alualu i luma.

`ALUGA, n. a pillow.

ALUGA, n. progression. O a mai le aluga o le galuega?

AMANA'IA, v.t. to bear in mind or to be considered

`AMATA, v.t. to begin; pass. `_mataina.

`AMATAGA, n. the beginning, the commencement.lona amataga.

`AMERIKA, n. 1. America, the USA. 2. an American.

`AMIGA, n. The bringing back or fetching of someone.

AMIO, n. behavior, conduct, actions. also AMIOGA. lana amio.

AMIOLEAGA, n. bad conduct, wickedness lana amioleaga.

AMIOLEAGA, adj. wicked syn. AMIOLETONU.

AMIOLELEI, n. good conduct, righteousness.

AMIOLELEI adj. righteous, well behaved. syn.AMIOTONU.

AMIOTONU, n. righteousness, right conduct.

AMO, n. the pole or stick by which things are carried on one's shoulder, a yoke, lana amo.

AMO, v.t. to carry something on one's shoulder, to carry things hanging from a pole on one's shoulder, pass. amoina.

`AMU'IA, adj. the state of being blessed. `Amuia oe. You are blessed.

`AMULI, adv. hereafter, applied only to the far distant future. `O le a manuia i tatou amuli.

`AMULI, adj. last, final. (as applied to the future.) o aso amuli, the last days.

ANA, pl. possessive pron. his, hers, its. see ONA, LANA, LONA.

`ANA, conj. if (applies only to conditions incapable of fulfillment) `ana ou alu, po ua taunuu nei. If I had gone, I would have arrived by now. syn. `ANAFAI. see `A, `AFAI.

`ANA, n. smooth coral.

ANA, n. a cave. o le ana o le nuu.

`ANA'ANA, v.i. to be willing to obey. 2. to challenge, to test. E te `ana'ana mai ia te au?

ANAFEA, adv. when (referring only to the past). Na e taunuu anafea? When did you arrive?

`ANAGATA, adj. 1. durable, longlasting. 2. not easy when speaking of people's attitude. E anagat_ ona uiga.

`ANAGOFIE, adj. perishable, not durable.

ANALEILA, adv. a little while ago, earlier in the day.

`ANA LE SEANOA, conj. phrase.had it not been for; Ana le seanoa lo matou taumafai, had it not been for our attempt.

ANAMUA, adv. anciently, olden times.

ANANAFI, adv. yesterday.

ANAP_, adv. last night.

ANAPOGI, n. a fast (going without food).

`ANAPOGI, v.i. to fast. pl. `anapogi. syn. FAALAINA.

ANATAEAO, adv. this morning (speaking afternoon of the morning already past).syn. ANALEILA.

ANE, adv. and adverb of direction denoting indirect action, alongside or beside. Sa alu ane o ia i le vaitafe. He went alongside the river.

ANE, n. bed of small insects on tree-barks often used to feed chickens.

ANIANI, n. an onion.

`ANOA, adj. to have a lot of flesh, to have substance. E `_noa lana lauga.

ANOANOA'I, adv. excessively, tele anoanoa'i, excessively great.

`ANOGASE, lean meat.

ANU, n. a vessel for sputum. O le anu. v.i. to spit.

`ANUFE, n. a worm.

`APA, n. 1. corrugated iron apa o le fale. The corrugated iron with which the house is roofed. 2. a tin can. lana apa.

`APA'AU, n. wing, lona apaau.

A PE A, see E A PE A.

`APAMEMEA, n. copper or brass. O le apamemea o le vaa, the copper with which the boat is constructed.

APEFA'I, n. a ladder.

APERILA, n. the month of April.

`API, n. exercise book, note book. lana api.

API, v.i. to lodge, to put up at a house for a time. n. a billet.

`API, n. book.

APOAPOA'I, v.i. to exhort. v.t. to advise.

`APOAPOA'IGA, v. to support, to lift.

APOAPOA'IGA, n. an exhortation. lana apoapoaiga.

`APOGALEVELEVE, n.1. a spider. 2. a spider's web.

`APOSETOLO, n. an apostle.

ASA, v.i. to wade in the water or go through thick forest.

`ASA, v. 1. to be without,to be lacking. Ua asa le faiva. 2. Used negatively in expressions,as, e le asa le aso ma le faalavelave, never a day passes without some trouble.(literally, the day is not lacking its trouble)

ASA, v.t. having gone through the bush.

ASI, v.t. to visit

`ASI, scraper made of coconut shell for scraping taro.

`ASI'ASI, v.t. to visit. n. name of a fish.

ASIASIGA, n. a visit. lana asiasiga. inspection.

ASIOSIO, n. whirlwind.

`ASO, qo le fale. rafters of a fale. `Aso o le faamalu. Ribs of the umbrella

ASO, n. day. lona aso.

ASO, n. today. o le aso, o le Aso Tofi, today is Thursday.

ASO FAI SOO, adv. very day. Matou te galulue i aso fai soo. We work every day.

ASO GAFUA, n. Monday.

ASO LUA, n. Tuesday.

ASO LULU, n. Wednesday.

ASO TOFI, n. Thursday.

ASO FALAILE, n. Friday.

ASO TOONAI, n. Saturday.

ASO SA, n. the Sabbath Day. or Aso Sa. Sunday

ASO, n. daily food offered for someone else. (O a'u ;ea e fai nei lo'u aso i le aoga).

ASO, n. fast (to go without food)

ASU, n. smoke, the smoke ascending away from the fire. lona asu. see PUSA.

ASU, v.t. to draw water in an open vessel such as a bucket or cup. see UTU. Sipuni asu - ladle.

ATA, n. 1. a shadow, o lona ata. 2. a reflected image, as in the mirror, o lona ata. 3. a picture of any kind. O lona ata, A picture of himself. see FAATA, TIFAGA,

ATA, looks nice.ATA, v.i. singular. to laugh pl. toe, talie.

`ATA, le ia. The fish is tough to eat. E `ata le i'a.

`ATA, n. root of a Kava plant.

`ATAATA, v.i. to continue to smile.

`ATAL_, adv. hereafter, referring to the distant future; the last days,o aso atali. see AMULI.

ATALII, n. son of a man. lona atalii. see AFAFINE: TAMA: ALO.

ATAMAI, adj. intelligent, clever; pl. atamamai.

ATE, n. the liver, lona ate.

ATEVAE, n. the calf of the leg

`ATI, v.i. to gnaw.

ATI, v.t. to uproot a plant. (Ati mai le fa'i)

ATI AE, v.t. to build up.

ATIINA AE, v.t. to build develop as in a project.

ATIGI, prefix. denoting the lack of original contents. Never used alone always has a word following it. atigipusa; a box; atigiapa, a can; atigipopo, a coconut shell; atigiuili, a wheel with no tyre on it. (All of which nolonger have their original contents although they may now have other things in them.)

ATIGILIMA, n. fingernail. lona atigilima.

ATIGIVAE, n. toenail. lona atigivae.

ATILI, adv. increasingly, more exceedingly.

ATO - to throw

ATO, tenor

`ATO, n. basket. lana ato.

`ATOA, adj. all, whole, complete, all there, used with singular or collective nouns. `O le keke atoa, the whole cake. O le `a_ga atoa, all the family. see UMA

`ATOA MA, conj. and also,together with. (Often used with the last one of a series of objects or persons connected by ma.) Sa ou faatauina se ofu tino ma se ofu-vae atoa ma se fusi-ua. I bought a shirt and a pair of pants and a tie. syn. I LE MA.

`_TOATOA, adj. entire, complete.

`_TOATOA, adv. entirely, completely.

`ATOFA, v.t. to appoint a time. pass `atofaina. see TUUPO.

`_TONU, conj. probably, perhaps, it is likely.

`ATO PA'U, n. suitcase. lana atopa'u.

ATU, many

ATU, adv. of direction denoting a direction away from the speaker.

ATU, v.i. warny. syn. popole.

ATU, bonito

ATUA, n. gods, o latou atua. Le Atua, God. Lo tatou Atua.

ATUA LE GAGANA, n. idols.

ATUALUMA, front row.

ATUALOA, n. a centipede.

ATUATUVALE, adj. distressed in mind, perplexed.

ATULAULAU, n. all countries, meaning the entire world. lo tatou atulaulau.

ATULASI, adv.often, many times.

ATUMOTU, n. a chain of islands, a group of islands, an archipelago, as Atu To'elau, the Tokelau group; Atu Kuki, the Cook

Islands; Atu Samoa, the Samoan Islands. lo tatou atumotu.

ATUNU'U, n. a country, lou atunuu.

AVA, v.i. to show respect to, to respect.

AVA, n. the opening in a reef. `o le _va o le nuu.

AVA, v.t. to obey. Ia e ava i ou matua.

`AVA, n. 1. kava. 2. beard and moustache. lana `ava. see SOESA.

`AVA, n. food (o le_ lou `ava i le fono?)

AVA, n. wife. lana _v_. see FALETUA, TAUSI

`AVA'E, v.t. to take up, to carry upwards. (ave - to take; a'e - upwards)

AVAGA, v.i. to elope. pl. vavaga. n. _vagaga.

AVANOA, n. 1. an opportunity. 2. an opening, whether in time, space or situation. lona avanoa.

AVANOA. adj. to be open, to be available, to be opportune.

`AVATU, v.t. to give (`ave-to give; atu-forth)

`AVANE, v.t. to give, to take (`ave-to give, ane-particle of direction).

`AVE, n. 1. a sunbeam. `aveo le la. 2. lines, tentacles or arms radiating from a centre, `ave o le fe'e, the octopus' arms.

`AVE, v.t. to take; to drive.

`AVEA, v.t. 1. to be taken. 2. used with ma or `o to mean "to become" `O le `a `avea `o ia ma peresitene. He will become president. `Ua `avea Ioane `o le failautusi. John has become secretary. see FAI.

`AVE'ESE, v.t. to take away, to remove.

`AVEGA, n. a burden, a load. lana `avega.

AVOKA, n. name of a fruit


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